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Posted: January 22nd, 2022

Vocation significantly

Q2_ Mar

Question: How will you use leadership to serve others?

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Vocation significantly
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Answer: The concept of leadership as a Vocation significantly distinguishes leadership from a job, care, or what one does for a living. A vocation can be thought of as one’s calling. Vocation is often associated with the ministry or missionaries who feel called by a God to fulfill a specific purpose. Vocation is careers like teachers, emergency workers, doctors, or kin, the healthcare career who feel strongly compelled to dedicate their lives to those who they serve every day. Leadership means the ability to inspire and influence others by encouraging oneself. Leadership comes from within. Leadership means to stand apart from others. Leaders know when and how to balance between personal and moral commitments.   The most important aspect of a great leader is to have a great sense of endurance. Leaders strive for walking in excellence in everything they do. 

Leadership as a vocation, in administration the leader can help the team to succeed, the works. I believe that it is a moral vocation. The person is rightly guided and grounded in the best ethical views, values, and professional practices, and they shares and enhance their capacity to satisfy needs.     

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