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Posted: January 17th, 2022

The Mexican company

Hot Bargains, Inc. is a retailer based in the United States has a short-term supply chain problem with getting certain furniture products from Asia. Hot Bargains is considering a proposal from a furniture company based in Mexico that has short-term excess capacity. The Mexican company will let Hot

Bargains use its factory for one year for a rent payment in pesos, and its start-up costs for converting the plant to its needs will also be in pesos. Hot Bargains anticipates that its other operating costs will be about half in pesos and half in dollars, and all of its revenues from selling the furniture will be in dollars. Hot Bargains considers financing this project using the following options:

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The Mexican company
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A. All U.S. debt (loans) denominated in dollars provided by U.S. banks,

B. All debt (loans) denominated in peso provided by banks in Mexico, or

C. Half of the funds obtained from loans in peso, and half obtained from loans in dollars

(6 points) Which form of financing will be most appropriate for addressing Hot Bargains concerns about exposure to political risk (which is the risk of unfavorable government regulations)? Briefly explain why.

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