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Posted: January 7th, 2022

Skills needed


  • Identify and discuss the specific changes in your scores.
  • Explain WHY you think your scores changed.
  • Identify SPECIFIC questions asked in the quiz that reflect the skills needed to make decisions well. Explain WHY and HOW.
  • Identify WHICH decision making skills you need to improve and WHY you need to improve those specific skills.
  • Based on what you have learned throughout the course, create a “decision fit” plan that would suggest at least 3 specific ways or methods that will help you to improve the skills you have identified as needing improvement in terms of your decision-making.
  • If the results of the questionnaire from this week indicate that you are strong in all areas, then create a “decision fit” plan that would suggest at least 3 specific ways or methods that this course emphasizes in continuing to make effective decisions. Include the reasoning behind the suggestions made in the plan.


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Skills needed
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