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Posted: January 5th, 2022

Scholarship Committee

Applicant must provide a Personal Statement (maximum 2 pages, double spaced), including a brief personal history, educational/career goals, extra-curricular activities.

The AAHD Scholarship Committee should select the individual’s signature.

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Scholarship Committee
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This statement,,must be written solely by the applicant.Applicant must provide two (2) Letters of Recommendation (One must be from a faculty member or academic advisor). Letters of recommendation should be in PDF format and include the signature of the individual who wrote the letter.

Both letters should be uploaded via the google forms application or sent by email ( as an attachment.

If emailed, the student’s name should appear in the subject line of the email. Applicants must provide an official or unofficial copy of their most recent college transcript, which should be mailed to AAHD (Attn: Scholarship Committee, American Association on Health and Disability, 110 N.

Washington Street, Suite 407, Rockville, MD 20850)  in a sealed envelope or uploaded on the application website.two

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