The segmentation analysis identifies four key behaviourally-based segments and raises


The segmentation analysis highlights four key behaviour-based segments and suggests possible intervention strategies to supplement them.

The segmentation analysis highlights the possibility of greater partnership collaboration in order reach each segment’s members where sun protection is not optimal.

1.How closely do their aims, and objectives overlap with the partnership as well as with other partners?

2. What kind of involvement do they want or have?

3. The level of responsibility in the organization

4. Support senior management in the organization

5. What data/information is this person able to provide you?

6. What resources are they capable of providing?

7. Are there potential ethical issues?

Is there any ethical concerns?

8.What has been the success rate of previous activities with your partner?

9.What are the problems that you have encountered?

Do these problems likely to return?

Is this a problem for the future success or failure of the partnership?

11.How can you solve problems?

12. How and by whom can success be measured?

13. Are they flexible and adaptable if there are unexpected problems?

14. What contingency plan is required in case of emergency?


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