SBM 1201 Project Scope, Time And Cost Management


In this assessment, research and write a report regarding fuel efficient HHO generators and their construction principles.



This project plan is about the development and operation of a fuel-efficient HHO Generator.

The HHO fuel cell may seem to offer high fuel efficiency for users.

There are however some limitations and focuses.

This is to make it clear that HHO cell cannot be used as a substitute for petroleum derivative.

Brown Gas is commonly used to refer to HHO gas, however this is meant to show that HHO gases are not darker in shade. It is instead named after Yule Brown (an Australian specialist).

The author tested and developed many types of HHO generators, as well as support frameworks.

HHO gas is extremely inflammable when mixed with fuel. Oxygen is an oxidizing agent and can be consumed with just a small fire or warmth.

HHO’s hydrogen component doesn’t start consuming immediately, but as H-H is created, other fuels can be consumed quickly. However, the Oxygen portion of HHO can also impact the consuming of start connect fire or by burning to diesel motor.

It doesn’t matter how much air is admitted to the motor. There might be less oxygen in bumpy areas or some mechanical territories that have more gases but are lacking outside air.

The HHO framework adds lots of Oxygen, which results in burning and great consuming.

The installation of poor or undesirable HHO cell imitation or self-testing are not recommended.

Project Information (Required Assignment 1)

Background of the project

Due to the decreasing fuel reserves around the world, scientists continue to search for more efficient fuel-efficient machines that use less fuel while still achieving maximum efficiency.

This generator has a very high fuel efficiency.

Project Analysis (E.G.

Project Analysis (E.G.

Porter’s Five Forces Model can help you to analyze the project.

Porter’s Five Forces Exam is a framework that attempts separating the level and change in business procedures.

The current affiliation budgetary perspective is used to determine five quality that will be considered the most important for an industry (Schwalbe (2015)).

The general business advantage is found in a connection with quality.

A low-attractive industry is one where all five of these forces work together to reduce overall efficiency.

One that moves toward impeccably competitive conditions, where all available advantages are utilized to gain a conventional advantage for all organizations, is unattractive.

Figure: Porter’s Five Forces Explained

These are the items that make up the scope of this project.

Design of a brand new HHO generator

New protocols for generator use are being crafted

Implementing usage guidelines to improve the generator’s fuel efficiency

WBS of high quality

Figure: WBS of Project

(Source: Created By Author)

Objectives, Assumptions, and Perceived Limitations

These are the objectives for the project.

To create new protocols for fuel use in running machines

To adopt new usage guidelines to HHO generator

HHO generator to convince other retailers to promote and sell it

To inform users about the fuel efficiency factor for the HHO generator

If the HHO generator is extensively used, it is likely that the fuel consumption in the world will drop significantly due to its high fuel efficiency.

Literature Review

Literature summary of Project/Program Strategic Intents and Business Cases. Framework and Governance.

A business case is a record that once-overs benefits of the project.

After the project mastermind has been completed, the deliverables can be analyzed to determine the project’s preferences.

A lot of business associations are looking for cash-saving favorable positions or expansion of their businesses through project types.

MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), Walker, 2015. This is an essential standard for a business case.

Notice of Understanding (MoU), or the common agreement between the project’s accomplices, is the document that identifies the parties to the project.

After the project organization is prepared, the accomplices meet to examine the project in greater detail.

When all of the accomplices agree to the project arrange, a MoU agreement is signed by them. This contract basically starts now and will continue into the future.

These are actions taken by both the inside and the outside of the association to achieve the project’s success.

These components include cash related issues, inside authoritative issues and management condition.

Strategic intent is determined by the nature and progression of a project, in light of its arrangements.

The project’s supporting phases are crucial to its success.

The first phase of a project consists of gathering and analyzing the essentials.

A summary of the many requirements is done in this stage to allow for a realistic and accurate extension plan (Burke 2013).

Each of the partners meet to discuss the possibilities and the deliverables.

Next, the project administration stage is where the key goals of the project are identified.

The organizing section consolidates the announcement (SOW), where each accomplice is given a list of deliverables.

This encourages accomplices to make sure they understand their obligations prior to the start of the project.

The project chief manages the project. He is assisted by his stakeholders, such as money related administrator, acquirement supervisor, extend team pioneers and others.

Literature summary of Project Stakeholder, Human Resources (including the management of teams) and Communication Management

Kerzner (2013) says that any project should have enough stakeholders to oversee its progress from the beginning to the end.

Each project is managed by different workers with high status who, depending on their skills and capabilities, are responsible for certain parts.

These workers are called stakeholders.

In order to achieve the project’s success, stakeholders need to be assigned their parts and obligations in line with their ability.

Traceability network, which is a matrix-type record, is used to confirm the deliverables in the context of the standard course of action of tenets headings and traditional (Turner (2014)).

This project has certain regulations and association rules regarding various aspects.

Once all deliverables have been checked, it’s determined whether they are in line with the traditions.

Literature Summary for Project Scope and Time Management

The life cycle within which the venture will be initiated and ended defines the total time period.

Venture administration tools are used to determine the venture life cycle and assess its progress. The venture must be completed within that time frame.

The following table contains information about the planning of this venture.

Task Name




159 Days

Last modified on 10-05-17

Mon 18-12-17

Project Initiation

45 days

Last modified on 10-05-17

Tue 11/07/2017

Plan Development for Project Requirements

10 days

Last modified on 10-05-17

Tue 23.05.17

Appointment Project Stakeholders

10 days

Wed 24-05-17

Tue 06/06-17

Budget and Cost Estimation

5 days

Wed 24-05-17

Tue 30-05-17

Scheduling a Project

2 days

Wed 24-05-17

Analysis of the Project Requirements

15 days

Wed 07/06/2017

Tue 27/06-17

Analysis of Project Risks

10 days

Wed 28.06.17

Tue 11-07-17

Project Planning

50 days

Wed 12-07-17

Tue 19/09/17

Allocation of Roles and Responsibilities to Project Stakeholders

15 days

Wed 12-07-17

Tue 01/08-17

Estimation and Time estimation

10 days

Wed 12-07-17

Tue 25-07-17

Procurement and procurement of project resources

20 days

Wed 02/08/2017

Tue 29.08.17

Mitigation and mitigation of risks

15 days

Wed 30-08-17

Tue 19/09-17

15 days

Wed 30-08-17

Tue 19/09-17

Change Management

15 days

Wed 30-08-17

Tue 19/09-17

Plan for Project Monitoring and Control

5 days

Wed 30-08-17

Tue, 05-09-17

Budget Allocation

5 days

Wed 30-08-17

Tue, 05-09-17

65 days

Wed 02/08/2017

Tue 31/10-17

Design of HHO Generator

30 days

Wed 02/08/2017

Tue 12:09-17

Selection of Vendors to Supply and Procure Resource Supply

5 days

Wed 02/08/2017

Tue 08-08-17

Workshop Development

15 days

Wed 13/09/17

Tue 03/10-17

Design, Development and Implementation

15 days

Wed 09/08-17

Tue 29.08.17

Construction of HHO Generator

45 days

Wed 30-08-17

Tue 31/10-17

Marketing and Financials

34 days


Mon 18-12-17

Identification of Technical Risks in Running the HHO Generator

10 days

Today, 01/11/2017

Tue 14-11-17

Commercial Production of Generator

10 days

Wed 15-11-17

Tue 28/11-17

Marketing of the Generator

10 days

Wed 29-11-17

Tue 12-12-17

The Generator Prices

2 days


Commercialization of the Generator Production

2 days

Fri 15-12-17

Mon 18/12-17

Literature Summary on the Project Topic

Uludamar et. al.

Uludamar and co. (2018) found that a ten-year-old guaranteed worker ventured out to trial and test different types of contraptions for monetary gains in fuel utilization.

The range was between 50miles to 80miles per gallon (80km up to 129km), but this achievement was possible due to the increased use of hydrogen cells frameworks.

More progress is being made in Europe, the US and Australia.

However, this innovation is not yet available in Pakistan.

It could be that this innovation isn’t yet distinguished for the aggregate substitution non-renewable fuel source. However, this device is worth to have for increased proficiency of motor, safer emanation and clean condition. The auto’s electric along with no large consumable info else put distil water into the packs after several kilometers (Baltacioglu, et al. 2016,).

This is because 1 unit of water equals 1850 units HHO gas in volume.

If 1 liter of water was used, this experiment can show that it could produce 1850 liters worth of gas. This is sufficient to establish a safe and viable framework.

Chauhan Rathod, Patel (2016) say it is to believe that HHO can enable nations to attain economies of scale and thus lessen the cost. Bringing in unrefined crude oil cost nations a large number of dollars. This will reduce the price and further decrease the exchange gap.

Moreover, it is possible to reduce the cost associated with activities such as boring, mining, investigating, etc., allowing associations to grow their benefits and enabling them to develop their generation strategies for Hydrogen. These strategies will be more cost-efficient than those for delivering other vitality assets (Lodhi Nawaz & Ahmed (2015)).

There will be opportunities for representatives at every level of the association to work if they move to the hydrogen vitality framework.

This will help reduce poverty by providing employment opportunities for those who are unemployed, and empower nations to improve their economy.

It is possible to protect human lives that are more costly than others.

Hydrogen is lighter than water, so it scatters faster and causes more injuries.

Wang et. al.

According to Wang and colleagues (2017), HHO fuel cell may seem to provide the best yield.

There are however some limitations and focuses, which can be found below.

This is to make it clear that HHO cell cannot be used as a substitute for petroleum derivative.

Brown Gas is commonly used to refer to HHO gas, however this is meant to show that HHO gases are not darker in shade. It is instead named after Yule Brown (an Australian specialist).

The author tested and developed many types of HHO generators, as well as supporter frameworks.

HHO gas is extremely inflammable with fuel. Oxygen is an oxidizing agent and can be consumed with a small fire or warmth.

HHO gas doesn’t start to consume immediately, but the H-H component of HHO makes it easier to consume other fuels. (Manu Sunil and Jayaraj (2016)).

It is not essential to have the right amount of oxygen. For example, if there is less oxygen visible all around, or in bumpy zones, it might mean that there are more gases than outside air.

The HHO framework adds lots of Oxygen, which results in burning and great consuming.

The installation of poor or undesirable HHO cell imitation or self-testing are not recommended.

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