Question The Requirements For Your Research Paper Are As Follows:

The Requirements For Your Research Paper Are As Follows:
1. Select one topic for research from the list of four topics
2. Conduct research on your selected topic. Identify and report on three different resources. At least one resource must be new. Many resources are provided throughout the different units to help guide your Be sure to check supplemental materials listed in both the NAEYC Library and supplemental resources provided in each Unit. Feel free to use these resources in your written paper. However, you must demonstrate that you also identified and used at least one newresource.
3. Complete All Phases According To The Given
Unit 1: Review the choice of topics in the list below.
Unit 2: Decide and submit one topic that you would like to explore in depth.
Unit 3: Begin research; submit list of three researched resources.
Units 3-6: Actively research the topic and draftthe paper.
Unit 6: Optional: Submit written draft of research paper
Unit 7: Review and utilize Instructor’s feedback on initial draft.
4. Utilize The “Evaluation Rubric” For The Research Paper.
Throughout the seven weeks, be sure to read the rubric criteria, by which your project will be evaluated: before you research, while you research and write, while you revise your initial draft using your instructor’s feedback .

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