PROJ6004 Contracts And Procurement


Discuss performance criteria, performance monitoring, contract terms, key performance indicators, contract terms, and associated contract administration, management, and the contractor’s responsibility for managing project constraints.


1: Assurance Framework issue

2: Role of Integrated Programme Management Issue

3: Risk Issue Reporting

4: Issue of the Project Forecast Report

5: Medical equipments

Recommendation on Issue

1: Approval for a strong framework Recommendation For Issue

2: Committee involvement Recommendation on Issue

3: Revision of the risk register

Recommendation on Issue

Recommendation 4: Process of updating document

5: Monitoring and reporting is mandatory

Implementation of the Issue

1: An independent advisory was chosen from a solid framework. Implementation of the Issue

2: Establishment of a monthly reporting program Implementation for Issue

3: Implementation for the Issue was made

4: Implementation of Issue 5: Reports on installation must be made

Implementation for Issue

4: Security was properly established. Implementation for issue

5: Installation reports need to be reported

Refer to

Financial management: Theory and practice.

Strategies for Risk Management in Therapeutic Schools and Programs: How To Take Appropriate Programmatic Ris.

Journal of Therapeutic Schools and Programs, 2(2), 66-72.

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