PJM535 Project Metrics, Monitoring And Control


This assignment will help you to understand and synthesize quality processes in relation to project management.

Research quality management systems.

Explain how quality management can integrate into project management processes for controlling, monitoring, and auditing.

You should also discuss the fundamental elements required for an effective quality management program.

You can use relevant examples from your job or your research to emphasize the importance of setting quality standards.


In business organizations, quality management is an important concept.

This essay examines the importance of quality management systems and processes in businesses.

To understand the importance of quality management, it is essential to first understand what quality management means.

The effective implementation of quality management systems in business operations will ensure success and growth.

Quality organizations are beneficial to customers and suppliers as well as for mutual benefit.

The Quality Management System, which is basically a collection of activities designed to manage and direct an organization in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness on the market, can be described as a system that aims at improving performance and effectiveness.

Quality Management System has the main goal of defining various processes within an organization that results in the production and delivery of high quality products.

QMS is used to detect defective products and services (Ruzevi’ius & Zajarskas 2010, 2010).

Quality Management Is Important

For the organization’s benefit, quality management is vital.

It basically refers to the management and procurement of important resources. These sub-processes are logically related and add value to the business.

Quality management is an essential part of project management.

These conditions must be met in order for project management to work effectively within an organization.

It is important that the organization’s project management meets certain conditions.

Project management must be focused on the concept of total quality, i.e.

The project management must focus on the concept and principles of total quality.

Organizations must follow quality requirements (Oprean et. al., 2012).

Quality management is the process of establishing, maintaining, managing, and developing relationships with suppliers.

There are many aspects to consider when working on a project.

The project team must ensure that quality meets the customer’s expectations through the actions and deliverables that create a high-quality product.

Project quality plans are now common in organizations. They identify the tasks and activities that are essential to satisfy customers’ quality expectations.

This plan is built on quality standards and monitors and controls project management in organizations.

The Project Quality Plan incorporates various Quality assurance techniques.

You can measure the project’s quality through a number of quality events.

These quality checks can be used to carefully analyze the delivered quality (Carstea & P?un 2014).

Essential Aspect in Quality Management System

A quality management system is a systematic approach to planning, implementing and monitoring organizational improvement.

This system is designed for meeting customers’ expectations and identifying their problems. It also encourages open decision making and builds customer commitment.

Five key aspects are essential to quality management.

These five aspects are important in quality management systems.

Quality plans

This is the final step to defining quality.

This quality checklist will help ensure that all members of the project team meet the requirements for quality.

The quality plan describes the conditions under which services and organizations have to operate in order to meet the needs and expectations set by stakeholders.

The quality plan describes the conditions in which the organization meets the quality requirements of the projects.

Quality plans also include the process for ensuring that the project staff follows the quality standards (Mitra (2008)).

Requirements for phase quality

It is vital to meet customers’ expectations and needs.

This is where the project team assesses the requirements for the resources required to manage the project.

It is determined what deliverables are expected and what tasks will be completed in each phase.

Quality methods are important

Quality is maintained throughout the project.

Quality standards are adhered to in project work and delivery.

If project work doesn’t meet quality standards, then it needs to be re-worked in order to reach those standards (Napierala (2012)

Review of phase quality

A phase quality review can be helpful in documenting the outcome of project management.

It can also be used to communicate with team members the progress and growth in the project.

The phase quality review examines the risks and problems associated with the project.

The review also seeks approval for the next phase.

This is the final aspect that is used at the conclusion of a project to assess the quality.

There are seven steps involved in assessing the project’s quality.

These are the steps to notify all parties, prepare the audit and perform initial interviews. If necessary, other interviews may be conducted. Document the findings, review the draft audit report, and issue the final report (Bobera & Trnini? 2006).


You can see the various aspects of quality control in a construction project.

Project management includes some fundamental aspects.

To agree on the project’s requirements, to plan it, to discuss the project with the team, to decide the project procedures, to organize and inspire the whole team, and then to measure, monitor, and review the project. Finally, to complete the project and do follow-up.

There are steps that must be followed to complete the project.

They include project personnel, quality communications, quality assurance and project quality specification. Inspect and test, control over non-conformances, and project inspection.

These are the most important elements in the project-specific construction plan (Caldeira (2012)).

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