Part 1 Individual – Marketing report Case Ryanair is one

Part 1
Individual – Marketing report
Ryanair is one of Europe’s low fares airline provider, operating over 2,000 flights per day. Focused on high efficiency and low operational costs, Ryanair does not offer inflight extras such as free sweets, newspapers, food and beverage. Passengers are required to pay for such items (Witcher and Chau, 2010), which according to Hutchinson (2015) reduces the quantity of items on a flight, simplifies the cleaning process and speeds up turnaround.
Known as the airline that revolutionised European air travel with its low fares and customer service. Ryanair is said to be the world’s favorite airline based on the number of passengers it has carried per year, however, in 2014, Ryanair was branded the worst brand in the world for customer services (Magrath, 2014).
Ryanair’s introduction of the “Always getting Better” programme (AGB) seeks to fix services by listening to customers likes and dislikes. Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary admitted “if I’d only known being nice to customers was so good for our business I would have done it years ago,” (Gee, 2016).
Ryanair announced plans to enhance the customer experience through its holiday package business and aims to incentivise UK consumers to book package holidays, in order to build a “fairly big” holiday package business by December 2017 (Taylor, 2017)
As a newly appointed marketing assistant of the Ryanair marketing team, you have been asked to write a report addressing the following task areas:
(Word counts below are indicative)
Task 1: Evolution Of Marketing
Describethe production, marketing and societal orientations in marketing
Identifyand explain the orientation (s) adopted by Ryanair, and provide two (2) examples that demonstrate Ryanair’s use of the approach
Task 2: Marketing Environments
Discussthe purpose of a situation analysis and explain why it is important for Ryanair prior to setting a marketing strategy
Considering the macro environment of Ryanair, identify and discussone (1) Political factor and one (1) sociocultural factor that impact Ryanair’s marketing decisions. Explain whether the factors create marketing opportunities or threats for Ryanair
Identifytwo (2) key competitors of Ryanair and discuss the potential threats they pose to the business
Identifyand explain two (2) internal environmental factors that could be considered as strengths of Ryanair’s business operation
Task 3: Marketing Strategies
Discussthe four major sets of variables that might be used in segmenting consumer markets
Identifyand Explain the segmenting variables used by Ryanair, providing examples to illustrate your points
Task 4: Marketing Mix
Using the 7ps, Identifyand describe Ryanair’s current marketing mix ensuring you provide detailed descriptions and examples
Part 2
Individual – Communication Campaign
The Marketing Director has announced a new objective for the company:
To increase Ryanair holiday package purchases by 14% by December 2017
In order to communicate Ryanair’s holiday package offering, the marketing director requires you to prepare:
Task 1: A Visual Illustration
Following the guide below:
The content of the poster should be appealing to both internal and external stakeholders (i.e. employees as well as customers).
The content must include Image/s and brief written message/s that will increase awareness of Ryanair’s Holiday package business
Task 2: Rational To Support The Communication Campaign (The Poster) Which Should:
Include an explanation of how the promotional mix theory can generally be used to decide selection of a communication channel.
Describe the target audience and the response sought in relation to the new objective.
Outline the chosen channelto be used
Include an explanation of the communications key message
Apply the ‘AIDA’ (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) marketing theory to explain how the poster created will achieve the objective set.
Include an explanation of how feedback will be collected

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