MKTG2101 Consumer Behaviour


Business decisions are influenced by academic research on consumer behavior.

As a consumer behavior expert, you will apply the latest research to your work.

First, find a research article in any 2016 Journal of Consumer Research issue. It is the premier consumer behavior journal worldwide.

Your task is to share the research findings and then apply them to a real-world organization.

You will also make suggestions on how the organisation can benefit from the research findings.

Information for students and the title of the presentation;

Research article findings

Recommendations for your organisation

Reference list

Also, you will create a script (a Word document) that will outline or describe what you want to say during your presentation.

These details are important:

On-campus students will give their presentation in class. They will also submit their PowerPoint file on Moodle.


The presentation focuses on consumer research and the topic of attitude changes before purchasing.

Fishbein’s Multiattribute Models were used in this regard.

It is imperative to fully comprehend the process of changing attitudes.

Marketers will attempt to influence customers’ attitudes before they buy. Or, they can change their attitude after the purchase has been made in order to lessen any post-purchase dissonance.

This strategy will consider four aspects.

Change your beliefs

You can change the value of certain product attributes

The brand attitude is what affects the overall brand evaluation.

Change your mindset

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