MAN6301 Project Risk Management


Data collection

Collect data on the risks to the National Football Team that are relevant to the 2018 World Cup.

This event is important. You should collect data that relates to it, taking into account both the risks in the case study mentioned above and other that you can justify.

To show a structured approach to the treatment of each risk, you should present the data collection

Name the risk accurately (e.g.

Name the risk precisely (e.g.

The risk threshold

Describing the risk succinctly

The appropriate risk classification using risk breakdown categories

Assessing the risk

It can be justified through research, published cases or news reports.

An audit trail is required for data collection activities.

Internet URL, brochures and dates that the data was collected (e.g.

Dates Internet was accessed.

You should also consider the organisation’s risk tolerance to the risk.


Business Report

This report will discuss the risks involved in major sporting events.

The 2018 Football World Cup is where the Australian Football Team’s risk assessment will be the main focus.

The project will analyze the risks surrounding the Australian Football Team and deliver its report to the National World Cup 2018 Football Cup Management Committee of Australia.

The risk factors are what the project’s main focus will be.

The project proposed a six month plan to reduce the risks.

The project made several recommendations to the management committee.

The team should take all necessary precautions to stay healthy. They should not feel under any kind of pressure.

The committee should ensure that they are taken care of when they travel, stay, coach, and security.

The committee will ensure that the players are focused on the performance and not on non-essential work.

It will enable the Australian team perform well in the mega-event (Tiede Tom 2014).

Project Aim and Success Criteria:

The project’s purpose is to assess the risks to Australia’s football team in preparation for the 2018 Football World Cup. This will be held in Russia in 2018.

The report examines five major risks and offers recommendations to the National Football Cup Management Committee of Australia for reducing them.

Five key risks have been identified by the report.

The report also identifies five important risks.

Some risks can be very low, while others can be acceptable.

These risks are called risk appetite or risk tolerance.

Both health and accommodation fall under risk tolerance, and terrorism is another important risk.

Structure for Risk Breakdown

The project manager must manage risk.

Project leaders should prioritize the mitigation of risks as they are always susceptible.

The current global sports landscape is extremely competitive and complex.

This requires proper planning, budgeting, scheduling and equipment management.

The project manager conducts a thorough study of risks to identify and assess them, then evaluate and monitor them. Finally, they communicate these risks (Tiede & Tom, 2014).

Therefore, risk management is about addressing issues that could cause problems for the project in future.

Risks could arise from planning, budgeting or human resources.

The risk breakdown structure was created to help identify risks and vulnerability.

Below is a risk breakdown structure.

Probability and Risk

Risk probability is a method of assessing the risk and evaluating the likelihood.

These risks are assessed for their severity.

They are not immune to certain risks, and they have a high probability of occurring.

Sports events have different risks than other projects.

It is important to understand the strategies of the teams for the events. Knowledge about the process and team will help the project managers to better understand the risks to the event. (Luu Kim & Huynh (2008)

Many factors can hinder the growth of strategies, and they cannot be implemented.

Injuries, depression, anxiety, more travel, accommodation, problems with the crowd, problem media and terrorists are some of the most significant risks that could affect the event or project management (Qureshi and Warraich. 2009).

This report analyses the risk and shows the potential impact.

They range from negligible to catastrophic to marginal, moderately severe to critical.

The probability of the risk has been divided.

This will help you determine which risk should be avoided and which ones can be reduced.

The national football team’s management focuses on solving all problems.

The committee wants players to feel confident and not discouraged by small problems.

Good preparation will reduce the risk.

There are many factors that can affect the safety of players.

These are just a few of the many important things that need to be addressed.

These will have a positive impact on players and help them perform better (Cox. Issa. & Aherns. 2013).

Players will perform better and remain mentally fit for the game.

Management will then take steps to reduce risks after identifying the risks.

The ability of the project managers will impact the success of the Australian team.

Only when the management works for a development plan, and there is specific preparation for the Football World Cup in Russia in 2018, the project will succeed.

The risk response strategy is shown here. It will help you to deal with any risks that may arise from the project.



Match infection can occur when players are in close physical contact.

They will be taught healthy habits and they will stay alert to the doctors’ instructions.

Injuries will occur while the ball is being headed and players will collide.

The incident will be avoided by the players during the match.


Players feel depressed when they do not perform well.

The depression will continue and the players won’t be able to focus on the game.

The players will take the criticism and move on to the next critical match.

When they travel from one location to another, the risks for players are high.

They will be tired from travelling longer distances and become more exhausted.

Players will not visit more than they are allowed.

If it is not allowed, the players will not travel.


Russia will face pressure to build hotels and provide accommodation.

The accommodation management is the responsibility of the organizer.

Russia has many transport problems.

Transport to 48 teams and officials is difficult in Russia because there aren’t enough facilities.

Travelling is not always necessary if it is not required.

Leadership and coaching

Collective sentiment

Ineffective leadership and lack of collective effort will result in a lower performance for the group and team.

This should be given top priority and leaders should ensure that players work together.

Unity among the players

Without all team members contributing, the football matches can’t be played.

This will have an impact on the performance

This should be given top priority. All players must work together.


Media coverage

There is some unimportant information published before the match.

This causes great pressure for the players

The newspaper will not be available to the players and they will keep it out of their hands.

Access to athletes

The media interview causes huge problems for the players.

The media uncovers the weaknesses and plans for the team.

The team will not deal with media, and the media manager.



Russia also faces threats from terrorist attacks.

Terrorists could attack players, causing huge losses in the lives and properties of the payers.


Russian government is responsible for security.


During matches, the crowd will support one team and make huge noises that discourage the opposition team.

The players won’t be focused on the crowd.

They will not be distracted by it.

The risk will first be identified. Each risk will then go into the register to be verified.

For the record of each risk and how they can be met, I have attached the Risk Register in the Appendix.

Based on the risk, the management will create a plan and give priority to mitigation, avoidance, or acceptance according to the requirements.

Priority should be given to risks like crowd and terrorism as the likelihood of them occurring is high.


The Australian Football Team’s Football World Cup is an important event.

It is important that the team receives adequate support in order to improve their performance.


Appointing qualified physicians will help to avoid health issues.

They will be able to monitor the players’ health.

The physiotherapists will ensure that the players are in good health.

The management will make sure that players don’t feel under pressure to play multiple matches in the run-up to the mega events.

The players’ mental health should be taken care of by psychologists (Jamison 2010, 2010).

It is important that the management plans for travel arrangements of both players and coaches.

The team management should always be with the players to ensure that they are safe on the field.

The accommodation should provide adequate comfort and the living space should be free from infection.

Media should not be permitted to enter the private lives of the players.

Management’s main concern will be security (Gelec &Wagner (2014)

The team won’t allow players to move and will not permit them to go to bars or hotels without security.


Management will notify the players of the risks. They will remind them to be sincere and encourage them to take care of any potential dangers.

Kumar, 2009) – The priority will be to retain more support staff to ensure the health of the players.


A good relationship between all stakeholders will reduce the risk.

The register will include all risks identified by management.

All risks will then be evaluated according to the norms.


This report is based upon the interviews of the few individuals and the secondary sources that were available on the website and in print media.

All of the information required for evaluation is available.

For some, the high-risk zone might not be so important.

To get less information, another important factor is the time constraint.

However, this empirical study provides the basis for future research.


The most important aspect of project management is the risk.

The project management team must identify and plan the mitigation strategy.

The Australian team will be confronted with major challenges from terrorists, health, and accommodation.

Management must make a plan to resolve these problems according to the given recommendations.


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