LAW303 Law Of Business Organisations


Alan is a Kaplan Higher Education Student.

He took unit “Commercial Law”, in June 2014. He received a credit grade for the unit.

He decided to sell his textbook, “Introduction to Business Law Singapore”, while he was clearing out his book shelves. This textbook was required for “Commercial Law” classes.

On 1 Nov 2014, he posted this message on his Facebook page:

“To all my friends that are studying at Kaplan Higher Education.

I am selling my textbook, “Introduction to Business Law In Singapore”, along with all of the notes I took during class.

I found the notes very useful and helpful, as they were written in an Exercise Book.

The selling price is $200.00

I am interested in your offer. Please contact me by November 5, 2014.

Charleen is Alan’s younger sister and is taking her GCE “O” levels this year.

She saw Alan’s post and was keen to study Business Law.

While Alan lay in bed the morning of Nov 2, 2014, she informed him that she would purchase Alan’s textbook at $200.00.

He thought his sister was insane to be able to study Commercial Law at such an early age.

Charleen asked Alan to pass the money on 6/11/2014. He thought about his favorite football team’s performance last weekend and nodded.

He fell asleep again.

Damien is Bernard’s friend. He is also a student at Kaplan Higher Education.

He doesn’t have a Facebook account, but he knows who Alan is.

He heard about Bernard’s offer to Alan and wants to purchase the material.

After getting Alan’s phone number from Bernard, he sent Alan a sms:

“Alan. This is Damien.

I’m interested in purchasing your Commercial Law material.

Could I send the money to Kaplan Higher Education on November 4, 2014?

After much consideration, Bernard decided that he would buy Alan’s material the night before.

But, he was traveling overseas for 3 days so could not meet with Alan.

So he placed $200.00 cash in an envelope, and sent it to Alan the next morning on 4 Nov 2014.

He instructed Alan to keep an eye out for the cash.

It is the date on which a contract was created.

If yes, when was it formed? Who are the contracting party’s names?

Bernard’s legal situation

Charleen’s legal position

v. The pros and cons of the various dispute resolution options available



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