HS2061 Information Systems Project Management


Signed Sealed and Delivered Case Study

Notes taken from an interview with Richard Turpin, Company Founder and Managing Director.

You will need to create a professional formatted document that includes the following information for the Signed Sealed, Delivered case studies.

A project plan containing milestones and timeframes

Budget proposal

Project Benefits and Costs Estimated

A PERT/CPM Chart, which identifies the project Critical Path


Case Overview

The owner of the Signed sealed, delivered courier service faces the problem of managing the courier orders in a coordinated manner.

The project manager is unable to manage central warehouse for product dispatch.

It is possible for important information to be lost over time.

The warehouse inventory management is a major concern for the owner.

He is looking forward to the online application that can eliminate all the shortcomings of the traditional system.

The project manager can easily access the customer detail, employees detail, and order detail.

The online courier service is an application that allows customers to place orders for delivery within 24 hours.

The online courier service application allows customers to place orders.

The GUI application, which was developed to provide a means for customers to interact with the company’s owner, is called the GUI application.

It stores details about the loading and delivery of goods at the destination.

The central database must store information regarding customers, employees and products delivered. It also confirms orders and stores inventory information.

The portal administrator is responsible to handle information regarding customers and employees.

Problem in the Business:

The Signed, signed, delivered courier service, is a manual work organization that the owner of the company faces difficulty with to coordinate the activities between different delivery people in order to deliver the product promptly.

Because customers make payment on a monthly basis and pay daily, the owner is not able to maintain accurate payment records. This creates difficulties in managing the account management.

Chung (2015) states that the main concern of the owner of the company is inventory management.

It is difficult for a manual organization to manage historical information related to customers, employees, and orders.

“The time passes and important information can become lost.” (Chandra 2007, Chandra).

Preparing reports and supporting documentation is where most of our time goes.

It can be difficult to observe the daily logistics of loading and delivering products.

“The problem exists of coordination between different delivery people who are engaged in delivery and warehouse management.” (Fahmi 2016).

To ensure data is handled in an accurate, synchronized and aligned way, the central database management software system is necessary.

He is searching for a solution to these problems in order to manage the business efficiently and propel the company towards success.

This project proposal aims to design an online courier management platform for the organization Signed sealed, delivered courier service.

The system records daily activities such as booking of orders and loading of products and products, delivery at door step, tracking of status, monitoring of payment, and checking of status.

The system can be used on a daily or monthly basis.

Owners of Signed sealed, delivered courier services should make the switch from manual to automative business operations by creating an online portal for ordering orders.

Geek (2013) says that an online portal for the courier service can solve the problems of mismanagement in the traditional working system.

It allows for synchronization of business activities and removes complexity.

The Benefits of The New System

The new system will eliminate any problem areas in the delivery of products for businesses.

The application reduces the amount of time required to manage customer records and other details.

Helo (2014) says that the centralised database management software is used to reorganize data and information in an aligned and synchronised manner.

Access to historical data is easy, depending on what the user needs.

Online applications can improve employee performance.

These are the benefits of this system.

You can easily manage your daily loading and delivery to the receiver.

“The centralised database allows employees to work together” (Agarwal, 2009).

It is possible to reduce human errors to a large extent

The new application allows you to access the service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

These reports can be created quickly.

Johnsons (2015).

The GUI interface makes it easy to manage and access an online application.

It is easy to add or remove new information.

“The products are delivered at a faster rate and fulfill the expectation of customers” (Noemi (2014)

The information regarding loading and delivering the products can be accessed by the administrator user

Delivering services can be accurate

It is possible to improve the efficiency of the courier service.

You will spend less time

Customers can track the courier product and make it available for tracking.

Online portals allow you to view policies, offers and costs.

Account management for payment on a daily or monthly basis.

It allows you to pick from a variety of locations.

Refundable product for critical situations

Capabilities of The System

Two modules make up the system.

USER MODULE : The courier service offers a wide range of services through the web application.

“The user can improve their efficiency and effectiveness by engaging in daily activities” (Moonen (2014).

To access the courier services, the user must use his login credentials.

For online tracking and analysis of the delivery of the product, the user may check the tracking information.

Online portals allow you to access policies, offers and cost information.

ADMIN MODULE. “The online creation of web applications for courier services helps the user transform their manual work of the enterprise into an automated system.” (Perkins, 2016).

You can easily manage your work and the different services.

The admin can update the portal’s information, check orders received information, check details of payments, track courier details for customers who have questions, and generate a receipt for the payment transaction.

“The admin can make changes to existing offers and services in order to draw customers towards their company,” (Sudsawad 2017, Sudsawad).

For analyzing the company’s growth, admins can prepare profit and loss sheets for daily and monthly.

“The application is capable to provide employees detail, customers details and information related to loading or delivery of the product. It also provides information related to routes.

Every product that is delivered includes information like customer name, customer details (including branch ID and location), date of booking, date delivery and payment details.

The Product ID identifies the product ID that allows you to access the goods and product details on the portal.

“The user will make a booking by filling out their registration details” (Rao (2013).

Louis, 2009: “The admin user will assign the order ID and prepare it for dispatching.”

Online applications are capable of providing information regarding the return of courier product in critical condition, details about the company, booking details and information related to delivery and nondelivery of product. They also provide details related to pick-up facilities for employees to solve the conflict between them.

The online application has completely automated the company’s manual work system.

It is capable to maintain the details of outgoing and incoming couriers in order to deliver the product to the right owner. This helps to avoid the inconvenience of returning the product.

The new system can solve the problems in the current system like:

Conflicts among employees regarding access to product dispatched in delivery

Management of the warehouse inventory system

Data loss relating to order details, employee details and customer details.

Inaccuracy when managing accounts that are related to monthly or daily payment.

Huge amounts of paperwork

This is a slow process.

Inefficiency during the delivery

Customer trust is lost

Customers’ satisfaction levels continue to decline.

These problems can be avoided by using the web application for Signed, Sealed, Delivered Courier Service.

Delivery delays

Loss of shipment

Critical condition of product delivered at the doorstep of the recipient

Theft or theft of confidential product

Time Scale

Proposed Budget

The following graph illustrates the cost status for top-level tasks.

Pert Chart

Use this Case Diagram:

It has been concluded that the business plan to develop a web app for the Signed, Sealed, Delivered courier service is capable and capable of eliminating all the problems associated with the traditional company operation.

It is capable of providing details on employees and customers, information about loading and delivering the product, as well information regarding routes.

Project report on courier management.

The challenges and overview of India’s logistics sector.

Internet of things and logistics.

The response of companies to the dynamic courier industry in Indonesia.

Real-time tracking and tracking system.

Documentation for courier management system.

Transportation, logistics, warehouse, and packaging.

Performance measurement and control of logistic service provision.

Digital transformation of the logistic industry.

The future of the logistics sector.

Presentation of a project on Online courier service.

The logistics, transportation, warehousing and human resource requirements are high.

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