Persuasive essays

If you’re not a fan of formality in essays A persuasive essay is something you’ll enjoy. The writing task will require your reader to consider your opinion into consideration. The persuasive essay requires that you employ a variety of methods to support your arguments. It is not the place to use cold facts or statistics in this essay type.

Persuasive essays are somehow similar to argumentative essays. In both, you need to protect and prove your point with the help of a information to support your argument. However, an written argumentative piece is more formal full of facts and figures. In the case of a persuasive essay, you must convince the reader of your personal beliefs. Your words substitute the factual information when you’re writing your essay.

Persuasive writing styles

There are three persuasive writing types. They are the ones that appeal to emotion, reason, and also to character. These are known in the terms Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. Find out what each appeal signifies:

Logos – an appeal to the logic

The portion where you present an appeal to logos presents cold facts and weighty proof to convince the reader to accept your position. The arguments you’re presenting in this part should have a strong back-up. There are a myriad of options for this, starting with graphs and large numbers and then to charts. Many people believe that statistical data means they’re the results of some investigation you must do.

Pathos is an appeal to emotion

Pathos is about sharing your personal beliefs and positions depending on your view of the topic. Given that it is much easier for most readers to feel sentimental that pathos is the easiest type that persuasive essays can be. Often, students use pathos when they are dealing with topics that presuppose human morals.

To understand better the mechanism behind it take a look at the following examples:

  • donation for homeless people and animals;
  • work-related bureaucracy;
  • death punishment ambiguousness, etc.

Ethos — appeal to the character

The appeal to character presupposes certain elements of personal and argumentative essays. For such an article it is essential to portray a specific personality as a character who has certain traits and virtues to reach the attention of readers. The idea is to explain the character with reference to information available so that your readers can assess whether the character is credible or not.

Techniques for writing that will help you master your essay

Students are able to choose from a variety of ways to write their persuasive essay. If you follow a certain model, it is easier to keep your structure in your writing. The following methods will help with a variety of writing assignments too. Here are a few:


Stories are better when you need to deliver a specific message. The good thing about stories is that they are entertaining and can keep readers’ interest for longer by telling something coherent and captivating. A brief story inside the text can entertain people and ease their minds. The goal is to find the right place where you can put a story of a story.


Repetition is powerful. When you’ve got a key issue, you’d want to remind about it from time to time -that’s what we call repetition. Think about the way commercials work: you see an annoying commercial every day, several times. Then, you’ll probably be tempted by that chocolate bar with peanut butter, even though you are not one to enjoy sweets as often. By repeating some points that you’ve already mentioned, you’ll have more chance to convince your reader of the things you believe.

An appeal to action

There are two parallels with advertising already. A call to action is a technique which you will see on television as well in publications. If you are discussing a writing piece of work, an appeal to action is usually placed in the last sentences of the text. Writers utilize it to encourage readers to take action to take action on the topic. If, for instance, you write about waste sorting, then the call to actions will encourage readers to sort their trash beginning at this point.

Resolving dissent

It’s easy to overlook things that do not match your personal position or perception of the world. When writing your essay you have to examine every point of view. In addition, the essay must be truthful about the current arguments even if they are not yours to take them on. Your goal is to be sure you have sufficient evidence to discredit any other opinion.

Effectively convincing can aid you in gaining the respect of any reader. By knowing your target audience, it is easier to choose the best method and which appeal is the most efficient.

Writing steps for your persuasive essay

There are more than five steps those that you’ll see are general and represent the most crucial occasions you should cover. This is the sequence with suggestions to make the writing process less challenging:

Tips and tricks to help you write your essay

In the first place, they are not magic techniques that will provide you with a definitive text. But, if you apply them correctly they will aid in making the process simpler to handle. Note that the start is vital: if succeed you’ll realize how easy it can be to complete your persuasive writing. Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Make a decision on what you want to do. Decide on the aspects you are most concerned about. Sort them by their importance at the moment. Also, decide on your decision to defend in the document.
  • Who are your audience? Think about your audience and consider whether you and your readers share similar opinions regarding the topic.
  • Conduct your research. As you know, persuasive essays rely greatly on solid proof and facts. For that reason, you should not underestimate the importance of the stage when you have to locate the most reliable information. There should be several reputable sources. If you’re in a position to do so and have the chance, you may even seek out experts. Additionally, do not forget about the counterargument, since you must be aware of different angles of the issue.
  • Pick the most compelling evidence. It is necessary to have several definite evidence.

Create your essay by using the outline

A structurally correct structure will help ensure the cohesion of your work. You may try to work without an outline, but, it is a failure in the beginning. This is why it is important to save your time and come up with a strategy. Using a structure, you will draw attention to the text’s parts, note the arguments, and add the proof to every claim you make.

The essay should have no less than six paragraphs within your essay. Here’s an approximate outline to help you be able to

  • The introduction. Make use of hooks to grab readers’ attention right from the beginning. Present an overview of your subject, and conclude the paragraph by presenting a clear thesis assertion. Your thesis will explain your position.
  • Main body. The body paragraphs have a similar structure The body paragraphs must contain a claim per each paragraph, as well as an explanation as well as sufficient evidence from a reliable source.
  • A paragraph that contains oppositional views. The counterargument section is a subset of the body. Here, you should describe some of the most important points in the other perspective and disprove these.
  • Conclusion. The final paragraph will take everything you’ve mentioned in the body section and connect the arguments to the thesis statement that you paraphrased.

Think about the statement

The term “arguable” means that it could be argued. It should either present or refute an argument about your subject. To be debateable, a thesis has to have a chance of being accurate. But, the thesis is not universally accepted as true. Instead, it should be something that anyone can disagree with. A thesis can be either an observation or an opinion.

observation + opinion (the “why”) + thesis

Examining whether your thesis can create an effective counterthesis is a great way to determine how strong it is.

Common thesis pitfalls:

  • A thesis that is a fragment.
  • It is a thesis which is overly broad.
  • A thesis is defined as the result of a question. (The thesis is usually drawn from the solution for the problem.)
  • Other information can be found in the thesis.
  • It begins the words “I think” or “In my opinion.”

The draft

The draft you have written is a rough version of your essay. Here are some moments to consider while writing it:

  • The hook must be a part of the topic. It is possible to ask rhetorical questions, present an iconic quote from a respected figure, etc.
  • The thesis statement should give an understanding of your position.
  • The main body should not contain two claims . There is only one argument per paragraph. If you want to prove your case the evidence must be convincing facts; you can include personal stories here too.
  • Take into consideration mixing techniques if it seems to be appropriate for the topic.
  • If you have words in your work be sure to explain them. You cannot know whether your readers are aware of their meaning. You’ve worked for several months with the sources and understand them but your readers might not.

Note that revisions are essential during the initial stages of an draft. Here are some things you should do when revising your draft

  • Do you use the right words and the facts to support your position? Do you have enough solid evidence?
  • What about your hook? Does it inspire a reader to desire to continue reading?
  • Are the body paragraphs conforming to the specific requirements of the structural framework?
  • Do you challenge your opponents’ claims effectively?
  • Does the conclusion incorporate all your arguments and restate the thesis assertion.

If you see that something is missing or some elements require adjustments, it is high time to correct your draft.

Modifying the text

After you have fixed the structural issues in your essay and rewritten the content, you are now able to begin the revision. The spelling, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation are all things to check by default. You must pay particular attention to the voice of the author and overall style. check whether the vocabulary is appropriate to the subject.

This is the final copy of your paper

The most enjoyable part of the entire journey is when you finally, can compose the variation of your essay that will be read by the reader. At this point you are able to read your work and hear the way it reads. Do not forget to keep the notes you used within the writing process. You can also request an extended critique if this was the first time you wrote this type of essay.

List of topics for persuasive essays

  1. Should soda be available in cafeterias in schools?
  2. Should schools be teaching abstinence-only education?
  3. Why should schools teach the importance of financial literacy?
  4. Do all students have to attend college?
  5. Can students go on a gap year in between high school?
  6. Do all students need to acquire a foreign language?
  7. Are homeschooling or online learning an effective method for learning?
  8. Should standardized tests determine whether or not you move onto a new grade?
  9. Should all students be required to participate to the art world?
  10. Should college tuition be cost-free?
  11. Do you think it is better to have a year-round school system with shorter breaks throughout the year?
  12. The class system should not be eliminated in schools?
  13. Should students be taught sex education in schools?
  14. Should students be able to go to public universities for free?
  15. What’s the most effective way to alter your school’s bully behavior?
  16. Are you sure that the SAT and ACT an accurate way to determine intelligence?
  17. Should students be able to learn the sign language as a foreign language?
  18. Are the advantages of Greek life at colleges overshadow the negatives?
  19. Do students have to use their phones in school?
  20. What’s the most interesting topic to study?
  21. Should homework be required?
  22. Does your school handle bullying effectively?
  23. Are dress codes an ideal idea for schools?
  24. Do you think the school day is too long?
  25. Students should be able to pick which subjects they will study?
  26. What school rule do you want to alter?
  27. Is it a good idea for friends to be seated together in class?
  28. Euthanasia should be illegal
  29. Exotic pets pose a major risk for their owners
  30. Humans are naturally good