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Posted: January 5th, 2022

Hypothetical investors

You’ve been working on your final presentation since Unit 2 and the time has come to submit your final set of PowerPoint slides to a group of hypothetical investors! In order to make the best decisions, investors need data and detailed information, so this is where you need to do some research to back up your presentation. This is an advanced persuasion technique!

In addition to discussing the actual product or service you are presenting, It is recommended that you do not ignore the following:

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Hypothetical investors
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  • What are the details of the target market (how big is the market(s) (in estimated dollar volume or number of potential customers),
  • What are your strategies to deal with any existing competition?
  • What are your plans for future trends in the marketplace?

***** Did you remember to include your voice annotation and supporting note in the Notes section of each slide? *****

These are items that investors will be looking for and you need to put this information in the Notes section of each slide. Don’t worry about having too much information! 

Grading Criteria

  • PowerPoint Slide Deck – The deck will be comprised of 10-15 slides including the first blank (white) slide, an introduction slide, one slide per element (total of 9 elements) with an IMAGE THAT FILLS THE ENTIRE SCREEN, final persuasive thoughts slide, a reference slide, and a final blank (white) slide. 30% of grade
  • Complete, supporting notes representing each slide – Each slide will have the Notes section completed with at least one reference detailing the individual element of the BMC as it represents your business. Your grade, in part, will be based on the completeness and thoroughness of each slide’s Notes section. You must cite all your references. 50% of grade
  • You must include voice-annotation in each slide   15% of the grade
  • Be sure to include your name and email on the bottom of each slide   5% of the grade

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