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Posted: January 9th, 2022

Goal of Decision

Part 2. Create a report to the internal stakeholders of the company to discuss the decision that you have made regarding moving forward in a way that fixes the financial situation that outlines exactly how you have come to the decision.

In your memo, you want to provide specifics, some of which have been established throughout the first 6 weeks of the course.

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Goal of Decision
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All conclusions, justifications, reasoning’s, and explanations must be supported with course material in the form of APA in-text citations (page/paragraph numbers required) and a reference list.

  • Biases that may impact the process
  • Triggers/Opportunities leading to the need for a decision
  • Goal of Decision – What is the overall goal and why?
  • Decision Statement
  • Purpose, Scope, and Perspective – How did you frame this statement?
  • Four Objectives – Of the 6, why these?
  • Alternatives and how they met your objectives. Were these your original alternatives or were there class discussions that brought forth new ideas?
  • Your decision matrices (weighted and unweighted) and how you chose to weight each criteria
  • Your final decision – Assessing the Decision Process, which is where Harry will state the final decision and how it fulfills HH’s objectives by examining the MDQ process in how that final decision was derived.

Hide Files: FINAL DECISION ON UTILITY STRATEGY.docxWeek_7_Final_Post.docx.pdf

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