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Posted: January 22nd, 2022

Financial services institution

Assume you work as an independent technology consultant. SilverMNO, a large financial services institution, is interested in retaining your services, but management has expressed concerns about your understanding of their domain. So, they have asked you for a discounted cash flow valuation of Oracle (ORCL), and an accompanying email of not more than 400 words defending the analysis. The reader(s) will be seasoned financial analysts who follow Oracle and the tech industry, and will have read all relevant investment, news, and research reports related directly to Oracle. They are particularly interested in how, if at all, you believe economic conditions will affect Oracle’s free cash flow, and therefore value, and why.In your email of not more than 400 words, defend your estimate. You should attach a spreadsheet with an analysis of free cash flow derived from income statement and balance sheet estimates, and you may include other non-text exhibits that do not count toward the word limit. You may conduct outside research if you choose, but please cite all sources used. The list of sources does not count toward the word limit. If you receive writing help, please indicate this as well. The submission for review should be formatted as outlined in the syllabus. Do not send the assignment, or anything related to it, to anyone at Oracle.”In order words the way the ibm 5 year projection calculation is i’m trying to do a projection for oracleFiles: Oracle.xlsx

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Financial services institution
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