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Posted: January 9th, 2022

Feasibility study

Group Project Plan Report (40 -60 pages).

You will be given a feasibility study that shows that there was no suitable off-the-shelf existing software for a particular company and that the system can probably be implemented using an intranet-based solution.

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Feasibility study
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You will have to present a thorough plan of the development process and specify the rationale behind that plan.

The documentation produced will then be used to negotiate and contract the new system’s complete design and implementation process. It should contain the following:

• Problem scenario description• Systems development methodology• Description and justification

• Design and develop team profile• Project planning including: activities, tasks, deliverables, estimates, milestones, quality assurance, and risk assessment.

You must bring 3 copies of a full rough draft (15-20 pages) on the day of the rough draft workshop.

Failure to bring a 15-20 page rough draft will lower the grade for your final paper by one full grade.So I picked – System development method,(10page) .

And below homework attachment I will attach the topic my group choose to write about. So for each part we have to write 10 page.

My group member already write about their part, I just want you to write the 1 part I mention above.

Our topic mane is YOU CODE.

Files: _You Code_ Bus 461 group Project (1).docx

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