Write a 100-Word Essay For Me

Will you write a 100-word essay for me?

No, but here is a 100-word essay that I wrote;

The involvement of mining companies in the government has caused a great mess to most of the country’s economy. Most cooperations find their way to actively influence government decisions for their selfish gains.

The human rights acts are more than often violated by these cooperations, they evict most of the residents that are in areas rich in minerals.

Some cooperations go to an extent of sponsoring violence just to get rid of the people located in the areas with those minerals.

From my point of view, I think that the UN should set up an oversight authority to check the involvement of the cooperation and governments. The oversight authority would be able to prioritize the protection of human rights. (107-word count)

How do I write a 100-word essay now?

To draft a 100-word essay one needs to first have a workflow of how the essay would look like. For a 100-word essay, one needs to have a round of 6-11 sentences, leave one or two sentences for the thesis, 5-9 sentences for the body to be able to expound your points and about one sentence for the conclusion part. The conclusion of an essay will be the last paragraph which should be appealing to a reader.

Sentences in a CBSE English Essay
Sentences in a CBSE English Essay

What does “answer in 100 words “mean?

Answer in a 100-word essay means, that the min/max word count should fall in the range of 100 words.

In questions that require one to be limited to a 100-word answer, the author will be required to write the answer in form of an essay.

In this case, the answer will have an essay-like structure whereby there would be an opening paragraph which is the introductory, a body that will give detailed information about your answer backed with evidence supporting the answer, and finally a conclusion that will be the summary of the answer in about one sentence.

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