Sentences in a CBSE English Essay

How many sentences should we write for 30 – 40 or 100 – 150-word limit in CBSE English?

CBSE stands for central board of secondary education it is used in both public and private schools in India.

The board is managed by the Indian government across all Indian schools, the board is not restricted to Indian jurisdiction. It also regulates schools outside India but has been set up in other countries with mostly Indian nationalities.

Before writing one will have to know how many words, they can write in a line. The number of words that can fit in a line depends on the handwriting of the writer. Averagely a line will be able to have 15-20 words, and at this rate when calculated it will form an average of 2-3 sentences in a word count of 30-40 words.

When one must write 100-150 words limit, the writer will still have to find the number of lines that will be covered by the 100-150 words based on the author’s handwriting. A 100-150 words sentence is typically an essay paragraph it will have about 17 lines. 17 lines when written should yield about 5-6 sentences.

What should the structure be like for a 100 word essay?
What should the structure be like for a 100 word essay?

How many sentences should we write for the 80–100-word limit in CBSE English?

For the writer to be able to draft a good essay, a word sentence balance should be created even though the number of lines covered is interdependent to the writer. An 80–100-word sentence forms about 0.4-0.8 of a paragraph it would require about 5-12lines to be occupied by the word count. 80–100-word forms about 5-7 sentences.

I have an essay prompt that says 100 words. Can I write 142 words?

No, when one is asked to author a 100-word essay it means that the word count of that essay is limited. When an essay is limited, it means that one may fall at a certain range or exceed but not more than the reasonable range, for a case of +42 that is over the required limit.

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