A 200-Word Essay

How many sentences are in a 200-word essay?

In an essay of 200-words there should be around 10-14 sentences, 10-14 sentences take around 4-5 paragraphs or less.

What goes into the sentence writing

Typically, a sentence takes around 15-20 words, and the length of the page is determined by many factors. The handwriting of the author is the key factor that would judge how long the lines in a sentence will cover and the number of pages.

The number of pages covered is also factored by the lines the paper supplies if it is either double-lined or single.

A 200-word essay should have a structure whereby around one sentence should be left for the line of argument.

In a line of argument, it will supply the direction the essay takes. The first line is like a punch line in an essay.

The next part of the essay would be the introduction part. The introduction holds an opening statement that will glue the reader to your essay.

The introductory part will also give the background information on the author’s point of view from the thesis that was provided.

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The opening paragraph takes about 2-4 sentences when a 200-word essay is involved.

The body of the essay has more information that is being discussed backed with the relevant shreds of evidence. In the body section of an essay, the number of sentences is about 6-12.

The body of an essay is like the heart of the essay, the body part gives the reader an in-depth view of the author’s point of view and why he came to that conclusion.

The ending

The conclusion of an essay is used as a shining light on the way the essay took.

The last paragraph that takes part as the closing statement, the last paragraph should be brief and appalling to the reader’s eyes. This part of the paragraph is short it normally takes about 2-3 sentences.

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