How do you write a 100-word essay?

During your essay writing, you will mostly be required to write about 100-word essay. It’s the most important part in essay writing since it will give an indept explanation of the topic that you are required to expound on. The format of an essay may differ depending with the type of essay, it maybe argumentative or expository essay.

This guide will help you to be able to write your 100-word essay with a lot of ease like a champ.

How to set-up a 100-word essay?

A 100-word essay is equivalent to a shorter essay.

In each paragraph it may contain about 30-40 words, with about 1-2 sentences. A sentence typically will contain 15-20 words.

If you are required write a narrative essay the structure will differ completely with an argumentative essay.

Key components of a 100-word essay include:

Introductory paragraph consists of the over view contents that shall be covered in the whole essay. The structure of an introductory paragraph of an argumentative essay will be more of be required to contain the question that would be required to be answered and expound on while a narrative essay introduction would more similar to that of a story.

4-6 paragraphs will contain the evidences or the theories that will back-up your arguments in an essay. In each paragraphs a topic would be expounded on with evidences that are suitable to the question or story being told. The paragraphs should be able to gurgle with each other.

The conclusion paragraph in an essay reminds the reader of the contents that the essay contained. Importantly it should be able to explain or answer the questions that were asked on the introductory paragraph.

When one is required to write a 100-word essay it does not necessarily mean that it should be tied to the word count.

What should the structure be like for a 100 word essay?
What should the structure be like for a 100 word essay?

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