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An essay is a piece of writing usually dealing with its subject from a limited or personal point of view. Essays are normally used as learned arguments since the author must bring the reader to the side of his/ her arguments.

Steps on how to write an essay.

Before drafting an essay, one needs to know that to author an essay is a process. First one must follow the three stages to have the best results in essay writing.

Decide on your topic– Before authoring an essay, the writer needs to know which topic will be tackled. Having an overview of the field that the essay will be based on, helps the writer with ease.

Do your research– after knowing the topic of the essay one needs to look for a way to build on the essay. Researching helps the author to have more knowledge about the topic before writing the essay.

Create an essay outline– once the author has decided on the topic and done extensive research, now to be able to articulate the points.

Once the preparation part is done, it is now time to draft your essay. When authoring an essay, one needs the format that will be used. The general format of an essay must have;

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion
How many sentences are in a 200-word essay?
How many sentences are in a 200-word essay?


In the introductory part of an essay, it is the most important part when drafting an essay, it is like the head of the essay.

Without the introduction, the essay will not be able to make sense to the reader. The opening paragraph should make the reader to be hooked on the essay.

The introduction also gives the reader piece of the background information of the author. A contention is also made in this paragraph.


The body of an essay will give the reader an in-dept knowledge of the topic being talked about. The body of an essay will be contained in at least 4-6 paragraphs; the writer will highlight the points.

The writer will use examples as evidence to back up the points that have been highlighted.


In the last paragraph of an essay, it is required that the writer be compelled to convince the reader of why he chose the point of view.

A good conclusion should be short with about 2-3 closing sentences, it should restate the line of argument and summarize the key points that were discussed in the body of the essay previously

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