Compare And Contrast essay

What is an Compare And Contrast Essay?

This type of essay has two subject areas that may be alike or different. Effective compare and contrast essays do not state the obvious. The purpose of these essays is the illuminating of subtle variations as well as similarities or differences between the two subject areas. The essay will define from the get-go the items to be compared or contrasted or both. For this to be done effectively it is impossible to pick two items that are too different from one another. For instance, it cannot be apples and oranges because they are both fruits. A better choice would be of two varieties of apples.

Comparing and contrasting essays are interesting because they require the author to thoroughly research for similarities and differences that are not so obvious to the reader. It’s an eye opener. The structure is simple, in that the largest part of the work lies in findings. There is an introduction, the body, and finally, a conclusion. The conclusion of comparison and contrast essays are a summary of the entire piece in few words.

How to compose a Compare and Contrast essay

Essays about compare and contrast will require you to decide your thoughts from the beginning Do you want to compare or contrasting two topics? You will then select the subject for discussion in accordance with your decision. You will then start working on the introduction. The introduction should be captivating to draw the reader for them to finish the rest of the essay. When you’ve finished your introduction, bring out your thesis.

The body structure is dependent on the audience. Which would they prefer: paragraphs describing the similarities and/or distinctions or bullet points? In the case of essays by students, bullet points are preferred because they make the subject easily readable.

When you are comparing two subjects, it is beneficial to choose subjects with similar characteristics. Comparing apples with each the other will reveal greater similarities than differences. Both are fruits that have similar nutritional content, but with distinct flavor profiles, and some micronutrients. The majority of the time, they are similar. If you were to take an orange and an apple for example, then you’ve got the ideal place to compare them. They may both be fruit in their own right but they each have distinct profiles of nutrients as well as flavor and their physical appearance. These essays on contrast and compare require proper preparation as you would have to find these characteristics of each subject before writing.

When writing essay on compare and contrast, you want to remember to pay attention to grammar. Making sure you edit your assignment is always a beneficial idea. If possible, let an outsider’s go over your work and ensure it’s ready to submit. There are plenty of samples of essays on contrast and comparison online to help you when and if you get lost.

What is an Compare to and Contrast Writing Structure?

The first step is to divide these two terms into smaller pieces. In order to compare two subjects with one another, we need to take a look at their similarities. We will then assemble them in order to prove that, even though they may be two distinct subjects, they’re similar in a variety of ways. Contrarily, we’re looking at the differences between one and the other. Before getting to the table that either contrasts, compares, or does both, we need to explain the subjects individually.

The first step in structuring this is to create themes for compare the two essays. It may take some brainstorming with the team to get to the right idea. Every aspect of life is a contrast, so picking the best topic to discuss ought to be the least of your worries.

The next step is to arrange the subjects by putting down every quality they have each one by itself before you can demonstrate how they differ or compare. Following this, you’ll now have a table where each subject’s characteristics are described. One of the best things in these papers is the fact that tables utilized make it easy to visualize the differences between one and the other or how similar they are. The table is written with points.

The writing of essays on compare and contrast should be more than just a simple thought process to explain the nuances of the subject, and then explain how you reached your conclusion. It is a bit of work because before you begin with the writing, you will have to conduct exhaustive research. The idea is to transcend the obvious and inform readers about the characteristics that they might not have noticed by simply looking at the various elements that are discussed. Only then can you create excellent hooks for compare and contrast essays.

Take a look at your statement

The term “arguable” means that it can be argued. It should either establish or refute an argument about your topic. To be able to be debated the thesis must be able to prove true. But, it should not be universally accepted as being true. Instead, it should be something that people are able to disagree with. The thesis may be an observation as well as an opinion.

observation plus observation (the “why”) + thesis

The test of whether your thesis produces an effective counterthesis is an effective way to determine how strong it is.

Common thesis mistakes:

  • A thesis that is fragments.
  • It is a thesis which is too broad.
  • A thesis is defined as a question. (The thesis is usually drawn from the answer of the query.)
  • Additional information is also included in the thesis.
  • A thesis that begins with the words “I am convinced” or “In my opinion.”

Outline and format of an Compare or Contrast essay

If you look up examples of compare and contrast essays you’ll find some that make use of Venn diagrams. Some are made up of charts as well as others shown as tables. It really doesn’t matter which one you choose provided that it makes sense to your target audience.

The introduction will set the tone for this style of essay. Then you’ll get the body paragraph right after. It will also weave in the connection between the subject matters. You will then have the remainder of the essay to follow as you go. A chart or table that visually illustrates the differences or similarities will come right after the conclusion. Take a look at a few examples of essays on contrast and comparison online if you require assistance in getting it in the right way.

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Also, take a look at these Compare or Contrast Essay Topics

There are many possibilities for topics on samples of essays compare and contrast. When two subjects have similar characteristics There is plenty to choose from when writing these essays. There are also a number of examples of college essays on compare and contrast available online. You can use them to borrow from or modify in order to create a topic suitable for you.

Here are some free examples of compare and contrast essays and subjects you can use to help you study:

  • Alternative medicine, or not
  • Psychologist vs psychiatrist
  • Modern medicine vs natural remedies
  • Cosmetic surgery or non-surgical cosmetic surgery.
  • Female vs male gynecologists
  • At-home care vs care at the hospital
  • Schools at home or traditional schools
  • Android or iOS
  • Netflix vs amazon prime
  • Human conversations in person or on social media
  • Machine Learning or IoT
  • Investment or saving money
  • Shares or 401k
  • Online learning or campus schools
  • Political instability and economic growth
  • GDP or NDP
  • GDP vs GDP per capita
  • Utilizing alternative health care or not
  • The difference between psychiatrists and psychologists What is the difference?
  • Medicines vs natural remedies
  • Plastic surgery or not
  • Hospitals or clinics: Which is better for care?
  • Female vs male doctors
  • Mobile health units or stationary clinics
  • Hospital care vs. home care at home
  • High school vs college
  • Public vs private college
  • Text books or ebooks
  • Virtual vs . real classrooms
  • The cloud classroom or the not?
  • Selecting the right discipline for career success
  • Attending classes vs attending seminars
  • Autobiography vs. memoir
  • Mightiness of the pen Pen’s mightiness. strength of the sword
  • Email communication vs. hand-written letters
  • Speaking vs. writing
  • British English vs. American English
  • Formal writing vs. colloquial language
  • Book against. the film version
  • Students, Who Work Students who are unemployed: Who Gets the best of this life?
  • Researchers Paper and Essay How to be More Responsible?
  • The comparison of life with parents with the Campus Life
  • Part-Time Jobs Vs Seasonal Jobs
  • Traditional classes vs Online course
  • Bachelor Degree vs Associate degree
  • Natural alternatives and prescription drugs

These are only a few of the options you can explore across the different areas of your life. As long as the two subjects possess their own unique characteristics, you can do so in any subject you choose.