Causes and effect essays vs compare and contrast essays

Definition of causes and effects essays vs compare and contrast.

A causes and effects essay are a form of essay that exists in argumentized form. It details the effect relationship between two subjects while comparing and contrasting definition of two essays that examines two or more topics, it normally compares their similarities and contrasts their differences.

For a causes and effects essay to be written, the writer must have a cause and the effects caused.


Cause: A genetically altered spider caught Peter Parker when he and his classmates went to Oscorp Technologies.

Effect: Peter gained extraordinary capabilities and was able to become Spiderman to fight criminals in New York City.

In the example above it means that for an event to occur, there must be a corresponding cause that will lead to that event.

In comparison and contrast, the topic being discussed in that essay must be more than one. The topic can be compared or differentiated with respective of the context provided.


Topic: Childhood in the 1980s vs. childhood today

Kids and teenagers have substantially less free, unstructured, unaided time than their ancestors. Guardians are placing their children considerably more into grown-up organized, grown-up-administered exercises than they did previously. The topographical scope of life as a youngster and youth has contracted after some time.

The example above, discussing between childhood in the 1980s and childhood today. It shows the differences in how kids were raised back in the 1980s and how many changes have occurred up to the day in how kids and teenagers are raised.


The body structure is dependent on the audience. Which would they prefer: paragraphs describing the similarities and/or distinctions or bullet points? In the case of essays by students, bullet points are preferred because they make the subject easily readable.