Cause And Effect essays

What’s a Cause-and-Effect Essay?

The definition of a cause-and-effect essay is best clarified using these easy and well-known examples:

Example 1:

Cause: A genetically altered spider caught Peter Parker when he and his classmates went to Oscorp Technologies.

Effect: Peter gained extraordinary capabilities and was able to become the Spiderman to fight criminals in New York City.

Example 2.

Cause An army of rebel soldiers took on the forces of the Order at Krypton.

Effect In the case of Karl-el’s parents, they sent him to earth to protect him.

When you look at the examples of cause-and-effect essays below, it is clear that the word “cause” implies that an event caused another to happen. The “cause” is the cause that triggers something else to occur as the “effect” can be defined as what takes place as a result of the cause.

Cause and effect essays are piece of writing that is written to establish a link between two related events. This essay type looks at the reasons behind a specific event and what happens as a result. The cause always precedes the effects , evidently.

Cause-and-effect essays are important to master because they are usually assigned to students in basic schools, colleges, and universities. They can improve your academic performance.

Furthermore, a cause and effect essay is a great method for organizing and clarifying concepts. It’s crucial in every day life. In particular analysts frequently use cause-and-effect to illustrate the motives behind the present situation of a company and what outcomes could be expected.

How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay

A cause-and-effect essay is easy to write, provided that you are aware of the situation you’re looking at. One cannot possibly identify effects without a cause. Therefore, investigation and rational thinking are the key components of an cause-and-effect.

Here is how to write an essay on cause and effect step by procedure:

Select a Topic to write a Cause and Effect Essay

Cause-and-effect essay topics may not be like any other essay type. The subject must be one that allows you to examine the effects and causes.

An example of a cause and effect essay subject is “What are the effects of bullying in schools?”

Brainstorm to the Topic

Brainstorming is the initial step of a cause-and-effect process when you’ve got a specific topic, else you’ll have come up with a topic first. Brainstorming helps to generate ideas that will be relevant to your essay. Gathering your thoughts apprises you of points to consider and the best way to utilize these points effectively.

Find Relevant Causes and Effects

It is necessary to develop your own list of important reasons and consequences before proceeding further. This will require you to look over the concepts you’ve come up with by brainstorming and come up with answers to the questions below:

  1. What is the reason for the catalyst incident? For the definition of the cause (s);
  2. What does this event have led to? — for the definition of the effect (s).

Let’s consider bullying as an illustration.

Cause and Impact of Bullying Essay

  • What are the root causes of bullying? This is why an individual child choose to bully another?

The need to be noticed and be noticed at home, the role model for bullying, aggression, the need for revenge, troubles in school and more.

  • What does bullying lead to for the child as well as others?

Stress, anxiety or self-esteem issues, self-destruct and substance abuse disorders, and even depression.

Once you’ve identified these elements, analyze each and arrange them according to the priority they are assigned to the specific event.

Create an Outline

The outline acts as a model to follow. It is the framework of your cause and effect essay. It organizes and provides consistency to your essay.

The outline is composed of three main sections: introduction, body, and concluding.

For instance, the outline of a cause-and-effect bullying essay would be similar to this:

  • Introduction The issue of bullying is a common issue among students at schools or colleges as well as universities. It’s a common problem which has lasting impacts on society.
  • Body Involvement: Causes and Effects
    • 1. Kids who do not get the attention of their parents , turn into bullies.
    • The first effect is that they begin to bully their peers with the intent of getting noticed.
    • Cause 2: Some bullies are a result of continuous bullying at the hands of others.
  • Second effect: These kids are bullies to other kids until a new set of bullies is created which creates a vicious cycle.
  • Conclusion That bullying is a serious disease that needs to be eradicated from our society.

Create a thesis statement

The thesis statement introduces the main idea behind an essay. The mere glance should inform what the essay examines. It’s important to indicate whether you’re writing about causes, effects or both.


The prevalence of bullying among students around the globe. It is reported by the National Center for Educational Stats reports that 1 out of every five students are bullied. This essay examines the causes and consequences of this phenomena which has taken over the world today.

The term “arguable” means that it can be argued. It should either present or refute an argument regarding the topic you are presenting. To be considered debateable, a thesis must have an element of possibility that it is true. However, the thesis cannot be accepted by everyone as true. Instead, it should be something that people are able to disagree with. A thesis can be a combination of observation and an opinion.

observation and opinion (the “why”) is a thesis

Checking if your thesis is able to create a powerful antithesis is an excellent approach to see how solid it is.

Common thesis mistakes:

  • A thesis that is fragments.
  • It is a thesis which is too broad.
  • A thesis that is phrased as in the form of a question. (The thesis is usually drawn from the solution to the question.)
  • Extraneous information is included in a thesis.
  • A thesis that begins with words “I consider” or “In my opinion.”

Get More Info

It’s not necessary however it can help build your essay. Collecting more relevant data about the subject you’ll write about will aid in forming convincing arguments for the various parts to your writing.

For instance, if reasons and consequences of bullying form the basis of your essay, then you must look up more facts, such as statistics on bullying, actual cases as well as the opinions of experts in psychology.

Write Your Essay

Once you’ve completed this step then it’s time to begin writing your essay. Make your cause-and-effect essay easy and clear. Make use of simple, but appropriate language. Stay in line with the format you were taught to use and transition smoothly throughout your work.

What Is Cause as well as Effect Writing Structure?

A cause-and-effect essay has two major forms The chain and the block. The structure is primarily concerned with the main content of an essay. The structure of the cause-and-effect essay is based upon the written instructions. If there is no template to follow, the decision is yours.

The Block Structure

The block structure demands you to list all factors that caused the event in the first, then the effects.

A cause and effect bullying essay that is written in the block format would have a body that has the following form:

Cause 1: Bullying is often linked to problems at home.

Second cause: The bullies are typically driven from the need to get observed.

Transition Bullying is a common problem that affects society.

Impact 1: Bullying could result in a decline in mental wellbeing.

Second effect: Bully victims get a natural fear of their bullies.

The Chain Structure

The chain structure requires you to add the result of a cause before another cause and the effect too. This is a single cause, one effect, before another cause and its effect.

For example:

1. Some children become bullies due to a absence of parental care.

Effect 1: These kids intimidate other children to get noticed by others.

The second reason is that bullies might be the result of being bullied by a friend.

Second effect: Bullying may lead to self-destructive behavior.

Outline , Format and Style for the Cause-and-Effect Essay

The outline for a cause-and effect essay, as previously mentioned, helps to organize collected ideas, making sure you have a clear outline to follow when writing the essay.

There are three sections of a cause-and effect essay format The introduction, the main part and the final part.

  • The introduction of your essay needs to be appealing and captivating. The impact of your introduction will go a long way towards increasing the number of readers who read the next part in your paper. It is a definition of the concept , as well as a listing of the causes and effects of this concept.
  • The body is the most instructive aspect of your cause and effect. It communicates extensively (or not , dependent on the instruction) on the topic explaining the causes and consequences, and establishes the connection between both.
  • The end is the final shot. Try to leave an impression on readers so that what they’ve read will be in their mind for a while. The final sentence should prompt readers to take action.

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