The Conference Board

Here is a link to a  podcast that ran in March 2020 produced by the Conference Board (for  some  reason, I’ve been a bit challenged in embedding the podcast, but it seems to be working now).

Listen to the podcast  and the following video (about 25 minutes + 1.6 minutes

-9 21 21 HCW Building a More Civil and Just Society Bradley Hubbard 2 – YouTube

-COVID-19: The Crisis Communications Response – YouTube


  • How helpful do you think the March 2020 insights were in  helping  business leaders anticipate the various dimensions of the Covid-19 crisis?
  • What predictions were “on the nose” when it came to Conference Board members’ insights about the crisis?
    • Given that hindsight is  2020 (it is  now  2021!)  What insights did they get “right”?   What might be “corrected” or “adjusted”?
  • How was the crisis “framed” by Conference  Board members?  Were there multiple “frames”?  Do/does the frame(s) fit the criteria for an “appealing” frame (as discussed on page 109 in Coombs)
  • Discuss the “persuasiveness” of the Conference Board’s podcasts — in  terms of *credibility *emotion *reason?  — and its role in data gathering to help U.S. businesses anticipate and deal with crises.


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