Subject satisfactorily

General Assessment Criteria

The criteria below detail the areas, which will be taken into account when the assignment is marked.

To address the subject satisfactorily, a typed format is mandatory. Pass assignments are expected to be legible, tidy, well organized and written in clear understandable English.

High grades [70%, 75%, +80%] need to demonstrate sustained coherent analytical ability. A systematic approach to analysis and evaluation is required for grades 60% to 85% – for grades at the higher end of the scale, integration and synthesis is a requirement. The quality of the arguments used to develop and support prescriptions/recommendations are, in our view, the essential test of integration.

The assignment is to be submitted as a single written report of 2000 words.

Proper referencing and citation should be observed. APA Referencing should be followed.


Running a business requires a great deal of capital. Capital can take different forms, from human and labor capital to economic capital. But when most of us hear the term financial capital, the first thing that comes to mind is usually money. Large corporations could not have grown to their present size without being able to find innovative ways to raise capital to finance expansion.


Identify the different sources of funds available to the corporation to finance their short and long-term projects. (50 marks)

Analyse the advantages and disadvantages as well as risk associated with different sources of funds. (50 marks)

(Grand Total: 100 marks)

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