Prospective employees

The final case lets you expand critical thinking and debate skills. In the workplace, employees must often support a professional point of view that may be contrary to personal beliefs. This assignment challenges students to understand “both sides” of a business issue and to consider different points of view. Both sides of the argument should be equally powerful so that the reader is unaware of the position that you advocate personally.

Select one of the topics:

  • Companies should or should not look at prospective employees’ social media profiles.
  • Consumer boycotts are or are not effective.
  • Working remotely is or is not as efficient as working on site.
  • Group 1 are or are not better managers compared to Group 2. (You define the two groups: gender, age, education, etc.)
  • Unions are or are not good for American companies.
  • The government should or should not cap compensation received by CEOs.

Your submission will include:

  • Completed Template
  • BODY OF PAPER: 2 pages
  • TOTAL LENGTH: 4 pages (Cover page, BODY: 2 pages and 1-page Reference List)

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