Virtual Stock Exchange Project

Module 4 SLP Assignment

  • Sell stock, calculate return, and explain price volatility

Please download the Module 4 SLP Template. You will type your answer into this Excel workbook. When finished with the SLP assignment, please save the document with your last name and submit to the dropbox.

  1. Sell all of your interest in at least one company that pays a dividend and include the following information in the Excel template:

Company NameTicker Symbol52-week High52-week LowDividend Yield

  1. Assume you bought the stock mentioned in 1. above at the 52-week low and sold it at the 52-week high. What would the rate of return be for this stock? (Hint: be sure to include the dividend yield).
  2. Choose the stock with the most price volatility over the project. Attempt to explain why this fluctuation occurred using information about the company, the industry, and/or the macroeconomy.

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