Global communication.

Organizations can be subjected to bad press easily in this age of global communication. Offending groups of stakeholders or consumers can have lasting and widespread consequences for a company. An organization may be linked to a CEO, public figure, or celebrity brand endorser. When consumers hear about the individual, they automatically make a connection with the brand or organization and vice versa. This is advantageous when the “face of the company” is viewed positively. But when controversy strikes, that association can have a detrimental effect on the company and send it into crisis management.

Find a spokesperson or leader of an organization who recently did or said something which reflected poorly on the entity. It may be a current news story or conduct internet searches for an incident (less than a year old).

You will write a 1-½ page report:

  • Provide a brief background of the incident and how the company was affected in the news, social media, etc.
  • Critique how the company reacted. This is your opinion as an affected party.

The report is written in 1st person.Hide Files: BUS303 SLP3 – 2021.docx

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